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Short Shorts


03 Mar Short Shorts

Who wears short shorts? I wear short shorts (Not literally. Good God, no)

But news relating much sexier kinds of shorts – My latest directing projects are as follows:

Away From Me is a drama starring Anna Wilson-Jones, Steve John Shepherd and moi. Directed by Duncan Roe and … moi. I don’t know why I keeping saying moi, I promise I don’t always talk like Miss Piggy (only when I make love) Wait. Whaaaat?

We’re currently in the edit for AFM and it’s looking pretty fit. Like inappropriate tingles kinda vibes. Duncan and I were incredibly lucky to have an amazing team onboard and we pulled A LOT of favours to get it made. I can’t wait to share more when it’s ready. It’s been a really lovely process.

[Also, check out the wig, people. Apparently 2016 is the year of the wigs for moi me]

But hang on, before Away From Me there was BUGgered – yeah, you read that right. BUGgered is a short series of animated comedy films that I wrote and directed last summer and are now being animated by the wonderfully talented Chris MacFarlane; my co-director.

Animation is a sloooooooow process but it’s starting to take shape and I am very, very excited about it. Witnessing my BUGS being brought to life by my amazing cast was such a humbling pleasure.


Sam Pamphilon

Harri Grace

Rachel Stubbings

Lizzie Daykin

Sarah Daykin

Toby Williams

I shall of course be tweeting the shit out of both the projects when they’re ready, so peel an eyeball or whatever.



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